Chef Avenue is an innovative cookware Startup in Northern California.

Chef Avenue will be debuting its Omnipan™ soon. From the elegant design to the culinary ergonomics, it will be nothing like you have ever seen or used before.

We combined the versatility of modern cookware with the demands of busy life and created something spectacular. Cook the entire meal or multiple meals at once: all in the oven. Chef Avenue Omnipan are
high-performance silicone pans with lids that let you prep food, store in the refrigerator, cook in the oven, put leftovers away, and reheat in the microwave – all without moving food from one container to another. And when you’re done, let the dishwasher clean them for you. No standing next to the stove for hours sautéeing, flipping, scraping, poaching, or frying.

Fall in love with cooking again. Enjoy making your weeknight dinners or foster inspiration and create some of your own masterpieces over the weekend. Your food will be perfect. Every single time. We are also developing an app that will help you prep and cook hundreds of delicious recipes in your Omnipan.

We are a socially and environmentally responsible company that will donate a portion of profits to charities that provide medical care to underprivileged communities in the United States and worldwide.

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Meet Seema Shenoy: Founder and Creator of Chef Avenue, Food Empresario, and a Serial Entrepreneur.

Steve Jobs said it best when he said, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

For Seema, it’s always been food – the artist’s expression within, cooking, presentation, details, and everything in between.
She holds a river of interest in global cuisines, adding this into each recipe. Most mornings, she wakes up with a new dish or delicious twists to popular dishes in mind. She’s bold, surpassing most traditional cuisine boundaries by mixing and experimenting with new food, ingredients, taste, textures, and cooking methods.

Seema has had success as a career woman in the high-tech industry and being an entrepreneur. But food and the culinary arts have been her true calling and life’s purpose.

Chef Avenue is more than a cookware company. It’s the melding of culinary art and scientific thinking, incorporating her parents’ strengths that she inherited. With a road map of reimagined products in the cookware and gourmet food industry, this is just the beginning.

Join us in our upcoming product launch on Kickstarter happening soon!

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